First Anal Date

My girlfriend and I began to fool around as usual, but this time when my fingers slipped out of her wet pussy and touched her pink butthole she didn’t stop me. She just kept moaning and groaning, her eyes closed and her ass moving in rhythm with my fingers. I needed no more hints to understand she wanted me to give her a good backdoor fuck and moments later I was fiercely ramming my fully erect cock down her tight virgin butthole. It was the beginning of a new anal era in our relationship.
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Fucking next to the pool

Angel and her new lover Mike were taking their first vacation together when they decided to sneak down to the hotel pool and have some daring might get caught sex. Thought the pool room has an echo, they managed to get naked and start to bump and grind on each other without the hotel management hearing them. What a story they’ll have when they get home!

DP in school

You may all create a story for this set from DP Fanatics, but at the moment any story is irrelevant, the pictures and the trailer videos just talk for themselves. Click on the picture for more!

The riding instructor

After a long day of horseback riding, Angel is looking to ride someone else – the sexy riding instructor that’s been giving everyone lessons. She has seen how he can ride horses and now she wants him to be her stud. Watch as Angel gets out of her sexy riding clothes and gets totally worked up for Anthony. There’s a lot of barn work to do but doing a hot babe like Angel is all in a day’s work for Anthony!

Angel Rivas – Vibrator

Take an angel, take a vibrator, and here is what you get as a result, Angel Rivas, the most beautiful starlet in the galaxy of porn.